Strange file events on two unrelated servers... (geeky but real)

We've had two unrelated but equally strange events occur on two of our servers. On Thursday, users in Communications who have a large share (on RESSRV14) called noting that some of their Mac files no longer knew what program they had been created by. On the same day, Users in Pediatric Oncology (RCBIG1) reported that some of their files, which had been used normally on Thursday night, were unreadable on Friday morning. The specific files in question seemed to be a random collection -- most of them were .doc and .ppt files, but also Illustrator and other files.

New DNS System for Partners (Geek Talk)

Early monday morning (2:15 am, 11/17/2008), Partners is changing its DNS system. ("DNS" refers to "Domain Name Systems," servers that resolve internet names, such as "" to numbers, such as "")

Most users will experience no impact.

HMS Seminar -- Open Science Grid -- 11/7, 11:AM

From Ian Stokes-Rees, SBGRID:

Tomorrow [ 11/7/2008] we will be hosting Prof. Miron Livny who will be giving a talk on the current state of the Open Science Grid, the US national collaborative computing infrastructure in use by over 60 research centers and universities across the country, with a combined capacity of over 30,000 cores and petabytes of distributed storage.

Help Improve DFCI IS by Completing the 2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Help improve IS by completing the 2009 IS Customer Satisfaction Survey today!

You could win a great prize:

George Church ACM Lecture, 11/20

George Church will be giving an interesting ACM lecture at the Broad Institute:

Topic:           Open-architectures for Reading, Writing & Computing with Genomes Broad Institute Auditorium

Location:     (MIT building NE-30) 11/20/08 7pm

BDS Secure File Transfer -- login with Partners ID

One of our general goals is for users to be able to use their Partners login credentials whenever possible; this is especially important now that semi-annual password changes are required. And so ...

One improvement now functional in our BDS software implementation is that users can use their Partners login ID an password. If you have a Partners account, enter the following at the login screen:

Username:     Partners_USERID 
Password:     Partners_PASSWORD 
Domain:       partners    

Microsoft HPC Cluster and .NET Training (FREE)

We received the following messages from Jerry Xu, (YXU11@PARTNERS.ORG) from the HPC Cluster over at MGH. We have access to that cluster. If you needto know more, let us know.

[ FREE ] Microsoft HPC Cluster and .NET Training

Location:  Microsoft Technology Center, 495 winter street, Waltham, MA

Time: Oct 15-17th.

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