XForms pain assessment data model

Design of a XForms based pain assessment 'straw man'

Representing pain assessments is an important part of patient care and is needed for a range of clinical research topics. I am building a standards based pain assessment tool. It will use the W3C XForms to capture several related data elements including:

  • The primary pain symptom, e.g. radicular pain in left lower leg

VectorNTI, Come and Get it.

Installing VectorNTI

Please read the entire story -- the link to VectoNTI is at the botttom. You can also click the link on the border of this story that says "1 Attachment" Download the VNTI installer by clicking on the link below. After you've downloaded the file, launch it and install VectorNTI.
After installation, go to

Start -> All Programs -> Invitrogen -> Vector NTI Advance 11 -> License Manager.

Open License Manger, click the Applications Tab.
Then click Dynamic button.
In field of URL of DLS, type

genome.dfci.harvard.edu has been retired

It wasn't very graceful. The system disk of Genome, which has been in service since 2001, just plain expired. I should have recorded the sound of it half-spinning-up then spinning down. Genome hosted scheduling programs used by 300 users (set up and administered by Leutz Buon), and for a long time was used for running a SAGE analysis program developed by Li Cai, formerly of our staff, now at Rutgers, running his own lab.

RCBIG -- you might not think this could happen

3/18/2009. You might not think this could happen. when I got an email from Ada Watson who'd indicated that her call to the helpdesk hadn't been responded to, I assumed I was just looking at something routine. Well. One thing about a RAID controller is that it can hang. Not usually a a terrible thing -- users get an incomprehensible error message, somthing about I/O. A system person goes to the server to reboot. And all is well.
Not today.

Photoshop in Medicine 1-day Course, 3/28 at Joslin

[ This is an inexpensive 1-day course. I don't know anyone who's attended, but here is the information -- mht ]:
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Joslin Diabetes Center, Longwood Medical Area
Date: March 28, 2009, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Reserve your seat now for only $79
To register and see workshop schedule, visit DigitalImagingInstitute.com or phone 404-386-5676.

See attached PDF for more info, or visit: www.DigitalImagingCenter.com.

Virus Warning from Outlook Postmaster...

[ We received this notice from Outlook atabout 1:00 today, Friday -- mht ]

Please be aware there is a virus e-card circulating from American Greetings or Hallmark addresses. These messages contain a zip file download which if you execute the attachment it will download a worm virus. The e-mail message says it’s “from a friend” and does not state who the email is from. We urge caution when viewing links or any e-cards and avoid clicking on links from unknown users. If the email or e-card states it is from someone you know you should be able to read those.

Cloud Slam 2009 -- 4-day Virtual Conference on Cloud Computing April 20-24.

[Before you start reading, the cost of this Conference is $52 -- mht] An international assembly of industry professionals, scientists, economists, legislators, and policy analysts will gather online April 20-24, 2009 for the global online/virtual Cloud Slam '09. The conference will bring together leading authorities and experts on technology, business models, industry implementation experiences, regulatory compliance, privacy and security, risk managment and scientific research will consider the shape and future of the universe of cloud computing.
Benefits of Attending

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