Click "READ MORE" for the information you need regarding DFCI/Partners Laptop encryption policy, links to sites where you can obtain Safeboot software for your PCs, PgP Whole disk Encryption Software for your Macintosh, and the Infosec Laptop Encryption help page.  A brief Powerpoint presentation on encryption can be found here]

Next encryption clinic dates laptop owners:
Feb. 23 from 9 – 11:00 a.m. (Back room of cafeteria)
Feb. 24 from 10:30am - 12:30pm (Patriots Conference Room - 20 Overland, 3rd Floor)

Full Backups in Progress

Full backups of all of our Networker clients are currently in progress. These have been running for the past several days and are mostly complete During this period, there are no incremental or daily backups. Full backups should be complete by the end of the weekend.

Oct / Nov Bioinformatics Workshops at Countway HMS

We are pleased to announce the following [bioinformatics] workshops.  To sign up visit this URL or just click on the Sign UP icon below the individual workshop.

Workshop, GPU Computing for Biomedical Research 10/22, HMS

HMS  is organizing a 1-day workshop on GPU computing
for biomedical research.

Data Mining for Functional Genomics and Metagenomics -- TALK

Bioinformatics Core Forum series talk




12:00-1:30 PM

Lunch will be served

Graphpad-Prism Site License

We have another new Graphpad/PRISM site-license as of 3/1/2015


Please use the following link for obtaining Graphpad 6:

New Wireless Connection Information

Wireless configuration has changed.

Please do not setup using "phsssid2002" anymore.

Use the "phswifi3" instead The authentication protocol is PEAP.

Read more for configuring a Mac to use this new network and protocol.

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