Help! 'm being moved to the email vault but I've been here for more than 10 years

If you receive and email message from Partners letting you know that your email is being moved to the

new Enterprise Vault system, you will also notice in that message that any mail you have that's older than

10 years will be gone.   It's not necessarily so.   Here's how you can request a 20-year window.

Galaxy Training -- Analyzing NGS Data using Galaxy -- Smith Building, 308/309, Tuesday, 10/22

Based on popular demand, we are pleased to announce another Galaxy training event for this year.  BioTeam and the Galaxy Team are offering a training session that will focus on analyzing NGS Data using Galaxy.

Important Message to Researchers concerning Government Shutdown

Yesterday, the NIH provided Dana-Farber with grants and contracts guidance in the event of a government shutdown. As the shutdown has now gone into effect, they have released more information on what impact this lapse in appropriation will have on your grant/cooperative agreement or the availability of NIH’s systems and services. Please note there are important differences in the two messages. Here is a summary of the current information:


Over the weekend, we have seen a similar event to the one that occurred a couple of weeks ago. There was a single disk failure -- this,

you can imagine, is a common occurrence on a big server with over 300 drives. This has happened many times before without any system-level implications.

But like the most recent instance, we're immediately began seeing what the operating system calls quota errors, even though quotas are turned off.

We have an open service call with EMC and will send out another bulletin as soon as we know more on Monday.

DFCI HPC Cluster Users -- Be a good citizen.

When using the Dana Farber Research Computing High Performance Cluster (RCHPC1) please keep a few things in mind:

 - Do not run CPU or memory intensive processes on rchpc-prime. Use the Sun Grid Engine (SGE) batch system. If you need to test softwares before using SGE, simply qrsh like so: `qrsh` which will give you an SSH session on a compute node.
- Do not ftp or scp data onto rchpc1 or rchpc-prime. Move your data onto the storage system directly. For instance if you use our Isilon storage, something like this:

Mac Virus Warning -- Run Software update NOW!

Flashback is designed to steal passwords from Macs. It's important all Macintosh computers run Software Update. The ability of Flashback to spread was stopped by a Software Update from Apple this week. It's estimated the virus has infected 600,000 Macs worldwide.

20 Overland Research Data Center on Generator Power this Saturday, November 12

Please see the notice below.    We have now gone through several switchovers between our conditioned/UPS power to generator power without a hitch, and we have a new crew who have been maintaining and calibrating the changeover between normal and generator power.  We don't anticipate any problems, but if you want to increase your comfort level and copy anything you might need to work on this Saturday to a local computer, go ahead.   Again, we anticipate no interruption in the Data Center and networking should not be affected.

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