Valentine's day comes with a virus...

We received this from Kerry Stack of Partner's Information Security

Please be aware there is a Valentine's Day themed virus circulating through
email which includes links to download Valentine's Day e-cards, but in fact
downloads the Storm worm virus. The e-mail message directs recipients to click
on a link to receive their e-cards. Once a user clicks the link, the Storm Worm
virus is automatically downloaded and infects your computer. We urge caution
when viewing links or e-cards and avoid clicking on links from unknown users.

COMING SOON: Changes to your VPN Passwords

The following message from Partners IS was passed to us by John Alberta, a frequent VPN user and Mac evangelist:

Coming Soon - Changes to your VPN password!

If you access the Partners network using VPN remote access, you'll be interested to know of some important changes to Password Self Service that will be occurring over the next few weeks:

Secure mailing of large attachments (or small)

Many of us have had our mailboxes filled to overflow with received grants, papers, and other huge documents. Multiple revisions add to the problem. We have a way to solve this problem, and that is with our implementation of the Biscom secure file transfer server. The software was given to us by a generous donor. Using the server is very simple. Anyone at Dana-Farber may register for an account (we're working on authentication based on your Partners login ID but we don't have this functioning yet.) You may also request accounts for your outside collaborators.

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