RAIDZONE retirement

You might ask, "What is a RAIDZONE?" RAIDZONE is the name the Consensys Corporation (now defunct)
gave to its RAID products. In the early 2000's, the idea of combining 10 80-gigabyte drives into a
single volume (giving about 700 Gb total) that allowed for any drive to fail without any data loss, and
then being able to sell the systems for under $10,000 seemed inescapably compelling. That was then.

Quo Vadis Structural Biology Symposium -- LAST CHANCE

This is the last opportunity to register for the Computing Workshops to be held at the Quo Vadis Structural Biology Symposium at Harvard Medical School on May 5-6, 2008. Many sessions are already sold out, but we have added additional workshops on Tuesday morning.

Endnote 10.X and Word 2008/Mac - NO!

According to documents on the web site, all versions of Endnote are incompatible with Office 2008 for Macintosh.

A New Mac -- Why I Love it

OK, we've seen this before. We get a new computer and then start to face the arduous task of moving everything from old to new. Painful, isn't it? I reacquainted myself with how easy it can be. To begin, it was finally time to replace my wife's eMac with something a little more ... shall we say ... modern.

Computers by the Numbers

Clinicians, Docs, Nurses ... all use Partners workstations to conduct their daily business. But in the research labs, in the graphics rooms, connected to instruments, in places where are is produced ... in all of these places, heterogeneity rules. And there we see macs, Linux workstations, pumped-up PCs. And Bruce ""Chik" Tsiknas has just compiled, with the help of many, a count of just what's out there and just how many. Here's what he found.

Full Backups in Progress

Legato Networker full backups are finished.

Partners Exchange Server Problems... FIXED

From the Outlook Postmaster...

All Exchange Servers are again accessibly to all Outlook email users. Any email sent to users on affected servers is in queue for delivery to them.

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