BDS Server Issues

I should have posted this earlier. The server that hosts the Biscom Secure File Transfer software
has been down for several days -- this is really anomalous, and points out some senses in which we need to develop redundancy for servers that support applications -- we'll find a way to do that.

Right now, Thinkmate technicians are replacing all the RAM. We hope to have the server up this afternoon.
We will keep you posted.


When we moved, the sequencher license server obtained a new address. If you previously had filled in the key client license server information with a numerical address, you would have lost contact with the server. But the key client preferences allows you to enter the /name/ of the server. The name is portable.

So, please change your numerical address to the name ""
And let us know if you have any problems.

Research Computing to Move Tonight -- some servers offline

At 5:00, the following machines will be shut down

research -- website and email server
research2 -- website
genepix -- sequencher and dnaStar licences
tapes -- backup
tapes2 -- backup
rcgw1 -- ssh server for incoming connections.
lager -- remote syslog receiver.

The implications for this are mostly small, but it does mean that
users of email won't get mail or be able
to send through between 5:00 tonight and tomorrow morning.

We'll be in 375 Longwood, setting up and unpacking tomorrow morning

We're Moving in July


DFCI Research Computing is moving.   And in case anyone hasn't seen our current digs, let's just say
that Jeff Kessler compared them to the 7 1/2th floor in Being John Malkovich. (If you want to understand
what Jeff meant, take a look at the YouTube video.)

Share Large Files (without mailing them)

The Problem:

You have large files you want to share with a colleague -- these could be data files, or a grant. After several back-and-forth iterations of file passing using your email, you find you've exhausted your Outlook email quota. You look for a place to archive your old email in a PST file. Maybe you have room on your local computer? Or on your H: drive? Maybe not. Your local office computer isn't available when you're traveling. Also, if you have VPN troubles while traveling, you can't reach the PST archive files you've saved on your Partners share. You don't want to manage an FTP site and you don't want to be responsible for password management.

Conference Room Scheduler Pilot

Telecom is looking for Mac users who would like to participate in a pilot test of a new Conference Room Scheduler. Mostly, they are interested in knowing that their newest version of the schduler works for Mac users. If you are willing to help, please send email to Matt Temple

Please include your name as well as your email address. The people at telecom want to start this pilot on Friday, 6/6/08

RAIDZONE retirement

You might ask, "What is a RAIDZONE?" RAIDZONE is the name the Consensys Corporation (now defunct)
gave to its RAID products. In the early 2000's, the idea of combining 10 80-gigabyte drives into a
single volume (giving about 700 Gb total) that allowed for any drive to fail without any data loss, and
then being able to sell the systems for under $10,000 seemed inescapably compelling. That was then.

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