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The NEW Research Computing web site is at http://rc.dfci.harvard.edu

Look for all future changes and additions on the new site.


New Lab Share Storage Servers

Research Computing has deployed a new set of 7 servers, built around the ZFS file system.
These servers are large -- most are at least 200 Terabytes.
Lab shares will be moved from the older RESSRVxx servers to these new servers in an orderly way,
or through an on-demand basis if your lab has needs greater storage needs than the partitioning
scheme on our old servers allow.
Each lab will have what ZFS calls a "filesystem."   Unlike partitions, the filesystems have no inherent 
size, and can grow as needed.

CrashPlan upgraded to

 Our CrashPlan server has been upgraded to version   This upgrade includes a client upgrade.   The next time your computer connnects to the CrashPlan server, your client will automatically be upgraded to version 3.6.4, which fixes a compatibility issue with Mac OSX Yosemite.   No user intervention is required.

ZIP file attachments to be blocked by Partners Email

As a result of the enormous number of destructive zip files that have been sent to Partners users in the last few days, they have decided to block all attached zip files.   We hope that in the future there can be a little more granularity to this process, such as blocking messages if an attached zip file contains a destructive file of type ".scr"  or ".exe"  To send a zip file to a user, you can use transfer.dfci.harvard.edu, which will securely send the zip attachment for you.


Starting some time around 9:00 this morning we lost connectivity with two major subnets in the 20 Overland data center --
172.24.220.X and 172.24.224.X.   Those subnets contain the majority of our storage servers ... it's a very long list.
We are reaching network engineering to to resolve.   Systems came back on line approximately 9:55.    
The cause was a tripped circuit breaker which killed the power to several racks in one of the rows of servers.

WARNING -- DANGEROUS EMAILS with subject "your documen"

If you receive an email with the subject “your documen”  it will have a

malicious zip file attached.  ...  DO NOT OPEN this email.


(not just the email but the actual attachment), please call the helpdesk immediately.

Disconnect your computer from the network. ]

Again, what you should do is this: Just delete the email.  Click "READ MORE" FOR DETAILS

Remote Access to PeopleSoft over ssl (https) ends

We received the following message from Partners IS concerning access changes
to PeopleSoft.   The message applies to both Partners and DFCI PeopleSoft, Financials and HR:
Due to security concerns access to PeopleSoft over the internet has been disabled.
Access to PeopleSoft is available to employees connected to the Partners network
using an onsite workstation or remotely via VPN.

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