Quotas to be instituted for data management on Research Computing Isilon storage cluster

Stage 1 – Quota reporting/Inventory  (DONE)
We just implemented the reporting quotas on the system that will validate our inventory.   Through simpler
inventorying methods of determining  file and directory ownership, we have found a number of users using
a disproportionate amount of the Isilon storage space.
Part of our ongoing plan is to migrate data to the appropriate tier within our storage architecture.  We will
be reaching out to those individuals in the next couple of weeks.
Stage 2 – Quota Restrictions to be Implemented
Once the quota system is generating relular data on usage we will be converting the reporting quotas into restrictive
quotas with a hard cap on space in order to protect the system from any future downtime caused by oversubscription.
We will be very vocal and transparent on this process.
Stage 3 – Repurpose of the Isilon cluster
Maintaining stagnant data on the Isilon is no longer sustainable. As part of this final stage, we will ask users to
take advantage of our tier 2 storage  for labs, cores, and centers, as well as archival for data.   Data  which has been analyzed and
ready for distribution will live on our new Aberdeen petabyte storage volume.   Lab data will live on our set of new 225 Terabyte
file servers.   In addition, our Tier 3 high-capacity Filetek archival storage will be available for data the needs retention, but where
disk-based access is not required.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.