New Lab Share Storage Servers

Research Computing has deployed a new set of 7 servers, built around the ZFS file system.
These servers are large -- most are at least 200 Terabytes.
Lab shares will be moved from the older RESSRVxx servers to these new servers in an orderly way,
or through an on-demand basis if your lab has needs greater storage needs than the partitioning
scheme on our old servers allow.
Each lab will have what ZFS calls a "filesystem."   Unlike partitions, the filesystems have no inherent 
size, and can grow as needed.
We will no longer maintain home directories outside of the lab shares.  Users may have private folders within
the lab shares, however.   We observe that some labs prefer a single account for everyone.   We can set 
this up as well.
Shares are mountable by NFS or SMB
Each storage server maintains snapshots for a year, in the event of accidental deletion, corruption, etc.
In addition, filesystems are mirrored to a second storage server daily.
To see how this is all organized, and how it connects to core data disribution, please have a look at the attached file

labshares.jpeg131.94 KB