Mac Users -- Your server has been changed...and your directory is empty?

The problem: If you are a Mac user and you connect to our servers via AFP:// protocol, there is a possibility that when you first connect to your account on the new server, your directory will appear to be totally empty. DON'T PANIC.

The Explanation: If a user is moved from a server that was running an older version of Netatalk (the remote Apple file sharing program) to a server running a newer version, there is a hidden directory that can't be interpreted, so the server just gives up, leaving an error message in the log file. We will empty the contents of the hidden directory, and it will be rebuilt.

What to do: If this happens to you, just tell us that you connected, but your directory looked empty.
Just to note, all of our servers, except, are running the newer version of Netatalk, so this problem is unlikely to affect you.