Help! 'm being moved to the email vault but I've been here for more than 10 years

Please note, it's a bit of a complex process, so be sure to take the steps as noted.

1.       Call the help desk (617 632-3399) and request to have a 20 year retention folder.
2.       The help desk will close that ticket which generates an email to the user. The email contains a link to a form to officially request the 20 year retention folder.
3.       Fill out the form providing contact information of their dept head and other info.
4.       Once submitted your dept head will receive an email to approve or deny the request.
5.       If approved by your dept head the request then moves to approvers in IS and OGC.
6.       If approved by IS & OGC you will be have a 20 year retention folder and you'll be sent pertinent sent instructions.