CLC Cancer Research WorkBench Hands On Tutorial -- May 13

 Dana-Farber Research Computing would like to invite you to:

A hands on tutorial of QIAGEN’s

CLC Cancer Research Workbench

May 13th, 2014 @ JF836AB (12:00pm - 2:00pm)


We would like to invite you to a training workshop on QIAGEN’s new software product “CLC Cancer

Research Workbench“. CLC Cancer Research Workbench is a comprehensive, user‐friendly, and customizable

cancer‐focused bioinformatics solution to support scientist and clinicians in the analysis of

Next Generation Sequencing data and biomarker identification.

In the training, you will be introduced to the product and instructed in the use of its features.

In preparation of the training, please bring a Laptop and follow the instructions below:

Please install CLC Cancer Research Workbench Version 1.0 trial version on your machine


Please open the Data Manager in the CLC Cancer Research Workbench and download the following

reference data to your machine:

        Human reference sequence hg19: Sequence

        Human genes: Genes

        Human transcripts: mRNA

        Human gene coding regions: CDS

        ClinVar database with known somatic mutations: ClinVar

        Conservation Scores from PhastCons: Conservation Scores PhastCons

        COSMIC database with somatic variants: COSMIC

NOTE: You will need approximately 10 GB free space on your machine.

Please read the following paper to get an introduction to the case study and example dataset, which

we will use during the training:


Please download the tumor‐normal example dataset from


We look forward to seeing you there,

DFCI Research Computing