About Us

This is the Dana-Farber Research Computing web site

DFCI-RC is a small group providing a broad variety of services to the basic research departments at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
We offer support in several forms:

  • Technical support
    • Desktop support for Macintosh computers and other "non-standard" PCs
    • Direct and cooperative support for Linux computers
    • Support for departments and labs hiring their own computer personnel
  • Infrastructure
    • Storage available as PC or Mac shares, or NFS volumes
    • Compute servers
    • Backup services (Legato Networker for Servers and Retrospect for Macintosh computers.)
    • Web hosting
    • Network file distribution
  • Services
    • Server for secure file transfer by email links
    • Resource scheduler
    • trouble ticket system for your lab
  • Software licensing and distribution
    • Research software
    • Productivity software
    • O/S software



Where are we located?    We are now located at 375 Longwood Avenue, on the second floor.   After you leave the elevator, face right.   You'll see a door with a phone next to it.   Our phone numbers are posted next to the door.   Call.   You can get through the door with any valid DFCI ID.   My phone number is 617 632-2597.   Drop-ins are welcome.