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DFCI Resources

Microsoft Outlook Web Access

DFCI Intranet

DFCI Web Exchange

Dana-Farber Molecular Biology Core Facilities

DF/HCC Research Pathology Cores (Rodent Path)

Animal Facility (ARF)

DFCI Microarray Core Facility

DFCI Benacerraf Library

ER Negative Breast Cancer Center at DFCI

Seminars in Oncology

Harvard Resources

Harvard Medical Website

HMS Event Calendar

Countway Library


Breast Cancer 1000 Project

Microarray and ChIP-CHIP Resources

MDscan (MDscan finds motifs from ChIP-on-chip targets)


UCSC Genome Bioinformatics


Molecular Portraits of Human Breast Tumors


Nuclear Receptor Resources


The Estrogen Receptor Resource

The History of Estrogen from the Hormone Foundation

Estrogen Receptor and SERMS from NCI

Women's Health Initiative (Study of HRT)

NucleaRDB-An Information System for Nuclear Receptors
   -Sequence Information, Structural information, mutation data, binding partners, etc.

Nomenclature of Nuclear Receptors

Steroid levels in humans and other hormone levels (humans and animals)

Nuclear Receptor Mutation Database

Androgen Receptor Gene Mutations Database including AR interacting proteins

Biology Resources


Primer3 (primer design)

TRC (The RNAi Consortium)


The Protein Domain Database (ProDom)

Knockout Index

Biocarta-Charting Molecular Pathways

KEGG-Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes



Keystone Symposia
Nuclear Receptors, Mar 30 - Apr 4, 2008
Whistler, British Columbia

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