Selwin Wu

Selwin Wu, PhD

Research Interest

Mechanisms of cell signaling in homeostasis and cancer.


2014-PresentPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Pellman Lab
2010-2014Ph.D., University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
2007-2009B.Sc. (Hons) Developmental Biology, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Selected publications

  • Acharya BR, Wu SK, Liu ZZ, Parton RG, Grill SW, Bershadsky AD, Gomez GA, Yap AS (2017) Mammalian Diaphanous 1 mediates a pathway for E-cadherin to stabilize epithelial barriers through junctional contractility. Cell Reports.
  • Wu SK*, Anne K. Lagendijk, Benjamin M. Hogan, Gomez GA, Yap AS* (2015) Active contractility at E- cadherin junctions and its implications for cell extrusion in cancer. Cell Cycle. 14(3): 315-322. *Corresponding author
  • Gomez GA, McLachlan RW, Wu SK, Caldwell B, Moussa E, Verma S, Bastiani M, Priya R, Parton RG, Gaus K, Sap J, Yap AS (2015) A PTPRA/SFK/Rap1 signaling module regulates Myosin IIB to support contractile tension at apical E-cadherin junctions. Molecular Biology of the Cell.
  • Greenlees R & Mihelec M, Yousoof S, Spiedel D, Wu SK, Rinkwitz S, Prokudin I, Perveen R, Cheng A, Ma A, Loebel D, Smith JC, Lloyd C, Grigg JR, Tam PP, Yap AS, Becker T, Black G, Semina E, Jamieson RV (2015) Mutations in SIPA1L3 cause eye defects through disruption of┬ácell polarity and cytoskeleton organization. Human Molecular Genetics (Featured Front cover)
  • Wu SK, Gomez GA, Michael M, Verma S, Cox HL, Lefevre JG, Parton RG, Hamilton NA, Neufeld Z, Yap AS (2014) Cortical F-actin stabilization generates apical-lateral patterns of junctional contractility that integrate cells into epithelia. Nature Cell Biology. 16: 167-78. (Featured front cover)
  • Wu SK*, Budnar S, Yap AS*, Gomez GA (2014) Pulsatile contractility of actomyosin networks organizes the cellular cortex at lateral cadherin junctions. European Journal of Cell Biology. 93: 396-404 *Corresponding author
  • Moore T, Wu SK, Michael M, Yap AS, Gomez GA, Neufeld Z (2014) Self-organizing actomyosin patterns on the cell cortex at epithelial cell-cell junctions. Biophysical Journal. 107: 2652-61
  • Leerberg JM, Gomez GA, Verma S, Moussa EJ, Wu SK, Priya R, Hoffman BD, Grashoff C, Schwartz MA, Yap AS (2014) Tension-sensitive actin assembly supports contractility at the epithelia zonula adherens. Current Biology. 24:1689-99.
  • Han SP, Gambin Y, Gomez GA, Verma S, Giles N, Michael M, Wu SK, Guo Z, Johnston W, Sierecki E, Parton RG, Alexandrov K, Yap AS (2014) Cortactin scaffolds Arp2/3 and WAVE2 at the epithelial zonula adherens. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 289:7764-75. (Featured front cover and JBC paper of the week)
  • Wu SK* and Yap AS* (2013) Patterns in space- Coordinating adhesion and actomyosin contractility at E- cadherin junctions. Cell Communication and Adhesion. 20:201-12. *Corresponding author
  • Smutny M, Wu SK, Gomez GA, Mangold S, Yap AS, Hamilton NA (2011) Multicomponent analysis of junctional movements regulated by Myosin II isoforms at the epithelial zonula adherens. PLOS ONE. 6(7): e22458.
  • Mangold S, Wu SK, Norwood SJ, Collins BM, Hamilton NA, Thorn P, Yap AS (2011) Hepatocyte growth factor acutely perturbs actin filament anchorage at the epithelial zonula adherens. Current Biology 21(6): 503-7.