Mijung Kwon

Mijung Kwon, PhD


Research Interest

Mijung Kwon is interested in finding out how cell division works in normal and cancer cells, and how such insight can be used to develop selective anti-cancer drugs. Centrosome amplification is a hallmark of cancer. Being interested in deciphering how cancer cells prevent chaotic mitoses in the presence of extra centrosomes, her research is focused on identifying molecular machinery and mechanisms that organizes extra centrosomes during cell division. Centrosome amplification is a major route to whole chromosome mis-segregation, leading to the formation of micronuclei. Currently, she studies how defects in nuclear envelope assembly in micronuclei are linked to nuclear envelope integrity and genome stability. She takes an integrated approach utilizing functional genomics, high-resolution imaging, computational image analysis and mathematical modeling to provide new insight into mechanisms controlling cell division and genome stability.  


2010Instructor in Pediatric Oncology, HMS & DFCI
2009-2012Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Special Fellow
2006-2009Susan Komen Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
2004-2006Postdoctoral Fellow, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
2004PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology, University of California Davis. Davis, CA

Selected publications