For isolation of human antibodies against protein targets, investigators need to supply the Center with antigen in either of the following two formats:

  1. Biotinylated Antigen for Streptavidin/Avidin Magnetic Bead Selection - This method of selection allows antigen concentration to be precisely controlled and "affinity maturation" can be performed - One picomole of biotinylated antigen is required for panning plus 25-50 ug biotinylated antigen to complete ELISA screening.
  2. Purified Antigen for Immunotube Selection - Antigen is absorbed directly on to immunotubes for selection. Circa 200 ug of purified protein is required for panning plus 25-50 ug protein to complete ELISA screening.

Note: The antigens for both type of selection could be in the forms of either peptides or proteins.

Future options may include providing relevant antigen sources for screening antigens that are present on the surface of cells or paramagnetic proteoliposomes by Pathfinder/Stepback, Subtraction, and/or Paramagnetic Proteoliposomes selections. Stay tuned...