Who can use the facility?

Presently the NFCR funded project directors can use the Center. The CTAE will also consider setting up research collaborations with non-NFCR investigators through a formal review process. For further discussion, please refer to the section of Services - Eligibility.

Who do I contact?

Please contact Dr. Wayne Marasco either by email wayne_marasco@dfci.harvard.edu or by phone (617) 632-2153. Also see Center Information - Contact Personnel.

Who pays for this?

The Center for Therapeutic Antibody Engineering is funded by the NFCR. If a NFCR funded member is interested in using the Center's libraries to screen a target protein, the labor and supply costs for the screening are provided. This collaboration exemplifies NFCR's mission to bring "Laboratory without Walls" into practice. For non-NFCR investigators, funding sources for the collaborative research project will be determined through the aforementioned formal review process.

If I would like to publish my screening results, whom do I acknowledge?

Members of CTAE who contributed scientifically to the project should be recognized as co-authors in all publications. In addition, the NFCR should be recognized as one of the funding agencies supported the research in the Acknowledgement section.