Wayne A. Marasco, M.D., Ph.D.
Scientific Director
Office: (617) 632-2153
Fax: (617) 632-3889
Email: wayne_marasco@dfci.harvard.edu
Websites: www.marascolab.org and www.humouse.org

Dr. Wayne Marasco serves as the Scientific Director of the Center. He oversees all of the research projects and will be involved in all aspects of the CTAE. NFCR Project Directors and non-NFCR affiliated cancer investigators should contact Dr. Marasco to set up a consultation about your specific antibody engineering project.

Quan Karen Zhu, Ph.D.
Research Director
Office: (617) 632-2067
Email: quan_zhu@dfci.harvard.edu

Dr. Quan Zhu is a junior faculty member of Harvard Medical School. She has extensive corporate and research experience in antibody engineering and gene therapy. She serves as Research Director and will be overseeing all research projects and responsible for the day-to-day management of the Center.

DeKuan Chang, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Office: (617) 582-9762
Email: de-kuan_chang@dfci.harvard.edu

Dr. DeKuan Chang is a postdoctoral fellow that will perform the phage display experiments with your target protein antigen. DK will be responsible for following the enrichment of phage during the panning procedures and for performing the phage ELISA assays to determine the number of high-affinity sFv-phage that will be sent for DNA sequence analysis.

Aimee Tallarico, Ph.D.
Research Scientist/Data Manager
Office: (617) 582-7525
Email: aimee_tallarico@dfci.harvard.edu

Dr. Aimee Tallarico is an Research Scientist/Data Manager of the CTAE. Aimee is responsible for performing all of the DNA sequence analysis on the antigen specific phage that are recovered from the sFv-phage library panning experiments with the phage display libraries. Aimee will update the timetable of the progress made with each research project and post the results of the DNA sequence analysis on the password protected extranet with specific link to each investigator’s laboratory.