The CTAE laboratories are located in the Department of Cancer Immunology & AIDS at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was originated in 1947 and has long been a regional center in New England for basic and clinical research and for the application of advanced diagnostic, treatment, and prevention methods to cancer. As an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, DFCI provides both post-graduate and graduate training in biomedical science. It is known for its long history of contributions to basic cancer cell biology, genetic epidemiology, tumor immunology, and clinical/translational cancer research. DFCI has been designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a Comprehensive Cancer Center since June 1973 and has been supported by the NCI for more than three decades


The CTAE staffs have full-time appointments at DFCI. The CTAE research group will work with other members of the Marasco laboratory. It is our plan to build strategic collaborations with leading academic cancer research laboratories - worldwide. Interested applicants should possess at minimum a BS degree in bioscience and should have a strong interest in academic cancer research, and antibody engineering. Applicants with a publication record in these research areas in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journal are preferred. Qualification criteria regarding technical skills and levels of experience that are associated with individual positions at CTAE will be posted at a later date.