The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR, is dedicated to funding cutting-edge basic science research at top institutions like the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Since 1973, NFCR has spent over $200 million in support of laboratory research and cancer prevention. The NFCR research programs are funded by individual generosity and are leading to better prevention, earlier diagnosis, new treatments and eventually cures for cancer. The NFCR Center for Therapeutic Antibody Engineering (CTAE) assists scientists in developing new human monoclonal antibody therapies to combat the world’s second leading cause of death – cancer with the most advanced antibody engineering technology. If you wish to make a gift to the NFCR-CTAE, please click on "Make a Gift Now" or contact Dr. Wayne A. Marasco who can direct you to the contact person (, 617-632-2153).