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Novina Lab offers a robust collaborative and training environment. Novina Lab members participate in a weekly Journal Club and Laboratory Group Meeting where graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are expected to share the results of their research with other members of the group. Dr. Novina coordinates The Department of Cancer Immunology and Virology weekly Floor Meeting (Wednesdays 12:30 pm, Smith 764) where graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are expected to share the results of their research with members of our Department. The purpose of these meetings is sharing results of projects that are in progress and on improving presentation skills. Dr. Novina also coordinates the CIV Social Hour (Friday afternoons at 4pm, 7th Floor bridge between Smith and Yawkey Buildings).

The Novina Lab participates in numerous Dana-Farber, Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Broad Institute communities. At DFCI, the Novina Lab participates in the Cancer Immunotherapy Working Group (CIWG) and the Center for Functional Cancer Epigenetics (CFCE). Dr. Novina is a Committee Member for the Seminars in Oncology.

At HMS, Novina Lab members present in the Microbiology and Immunobiology (MBIB) Departmental Seminar Series and the MBIB Trainee Forum (see the MBIB Website > Trainees > Trainee Forum for more details). Other Medical School lectures attended by members of our lab include the Wednesday afternoon Immunology Seminar Series, the Immunology Bioinformatics Seminar, and the Faculty Research Updates in the NRB 9th Floor Fishbowl. Dr. Novina is an active member of the BBS, Immunology, and Virology Graduate Programs.

The Broad Institute is a collaboration between MIT, Harvard and its affiliated Hospitals and the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. This Institute’s mission enables projects using genomics and chemistry tools to develop a fundamental understanding of human disease and its prevention and treatment. Dr. Novina is a member of the Cancer Program and the Cell Circuits and Epigenomics Program. As an Associate Member, Dr. Novina’s Lab has access to specialized tools, platforms, and reagents including genome-wide coverage siRNAs, CRISPR, and expression libraries. The Novina Lab also has deep collaboration with Dr. Chad Nusbaum, the Scientific Director of the Broad Technology Labs (BTL) and the Co-director the Genome Sequencing and Analysis Program. Many of the cutting edge tools being developed by the BTL especially single cell methods have been incorporated into Novina Lab projects