Are you currently having space shortages in -80°C freezers or liquid nitrogen storage tanks?

Here is your solution

DFCI Biospecimen Repository Core

We offer long-term storage of archived frozen specimens in a carefully monitored facility with expert technical management.



• Storage services for -80°C and -150°C in secure facility with full emergency back up including power generators and additional storage units.

• Experienced staff to ensure immediate response in emergency failures, providing preventive equipment maintenance and repairs.

• Same-day storage for sample drop off at Dana L1-71, from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

• Sample retrieval within 48 hours of request form receipt.

• Sample inventory, bar coding, and database generation services


• Research samples (-80°C) charges of $15.00 /box/year.

• Clinical samples (-80°C) changes of $45.00 /box/year.

• Transport charge is $7.00 /box/trip

• Full Freezer Transport is $330.00.

• Full Freezer Storage (-80°C) is $800.00/year.

• Liquid Nitorgen research samples charges of $20.00/ box /year.

• Liquid Nitrogen clinical samples charges of $65.00/ box /year.

• Retrieval charge is $90/ hour.

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Manager: Evangeline Reynolds

Phone: (617) 582-7441

Cell: (617) 894- 5013

Email: evangeline_reynolds@…