About My Lab

The Hammerman lab is focused on the discovery of therapeutically relevant genomic alterations in lung and head and neck cancers. We apply next-generation sequencing techniques and large scale functional screens to identify genes and pathways which are important in the biology of these diseases. Our principal goal is to use these technologies to provide important insights into how to better treat lung and head and neck cancers and to both improve the prognosis for patients with these diseases and reduce morbidity from treatment. Of particular interest for us is how tumor cells and the tumor microenvironment adapt to cancer therapies and how we might target these adaptive mechanisms to extend the efficacy of cancer treatments.

The scope of our research is broad and ranges from basic computational analysis of DNA and RNA sequencing of primary tumor samples to the design and execution of investigator-initiated clinical trials based on our work. We believe that by merging expertise in both dry and wet lab approaches that we will have the best opportunity to make substantial progress in our research.  

We are committed to the concept of “personalized” or “precision” cancer medicine as defined by applying knowledge of the tumor genome to develop an individualized treatment plan for every patient. Our research program reflects this commitment and the goal of every project in the lab is to enhance our understanding of the cancer genome as it relates to the biology of the tumor and its response to specific therapies.

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Address: 450 Brookline Avenue, Dana 810A, Boston, MA 02215
Telephone: 617-632-6335
FAX: 617-582-9830
E-mail: peter_hammerman@dfci.harvard.edu