You can use the Partners helpdesk phone line to report anything that is broken, whether it's your Mac, one of our servers, or a piece of software. If what you are calling about is not an emergency, or you are calling about other DFCI Research Computing services, please submit a web ticket through the Partners Online Help Desk page. Keep the request simple -- the web page is not designed for detailed explanations. If we need further clarification or if the request is complex, one of our staff will get back in touch with you. Please indicate how and when we can reach you.

If you would like to know the range of services provided by DFCI Research computing, please visit our website.

DFCI Research Computing really does want to hear from you. Here is how you can help ensure your requests reach our ears:

If you call the Help Desk (617 632-3399)

If you are a researcher and you have a piece of equipment that we take care of (e.g. a Mac, non-standard PC, or a computer associated with a piece of lab equipment)  be certain you identify yourself as being in DFCI Research.  Do this even if you are not part of the research community.  Saying you are will ensure that your help request goes to our queue of issues.

If you submit a help request over the web

Be sure to put the following text at the top of the "Issue Details" field:

If you'd like to send us an email

For any question or issue that doesn't lend itself to a Help Desk call,
you can always send us email at