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[dir] Hg18 1.5 MB2008-Mar-17 
[bed] Bed file 1E-3.bed3318717.0 KB2006-Sep-10 
[bed] Bed file 1E-5.bed3144239.4 KB2006-Sep-10 
[rma] E2_0_3_6_12_refseq_ALL.RMA23602.7 MB2006-Nov-27 
[xls] ER_binding_p-value.xls35241.0 MB2006-Oct-03 
[xls] Expression_induced_genes.xls3332441.5 KB2006-Oct-03 
[xls] RNA_Pol_II_binding_p-value.xls22831.1 MB2006-Sep-10 
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