The Comprehensive Center for Fanconi Anemia & The Cytogenetic Facility

Bone Marrow Failure Specimen Repository and Patient Registry

Study Summary

Patients with bone marrow failure syndromes require regular monitoring of their blood counts for their clinical care. When blood or bone marrow are being drawn for clinical care, we are interested in obtaining an extra sample for our research. We are also interested in obtaining basic clinical information from patients and family members with bone marrow failure syndromes other than Fanconi Anemia. (A separate Fanconi Anemia cell repository has been established at Dana Farber Cancer Institute by Dr. Alan D'Andrea.) It is possible to send blood/bone marrow samples even if you decline to provide clinical information.

These samples are vital to our research on the molecular biology of these disorders. We hope that this research will lead to the development of new treatments for patients with bone marrow failure.

By obtaining blood or bone marrow samples at the same time these are being drawn for clinical care, the patient is spared any additional procedures. If you are interested in sending a sample of blood or bone marrow for our studies, please contact the principal investigator, prior to sending the samples. We will cover all shipping costs.

Specific Aims


Any patients with bone marrow failure syndromes.