Firefox User Agent Switcher...

From Christopher Raimond, who manages our CAMS system, concerning a patch for Firefox that allows it to "pretend" it is Internet Explorer.

One way to get around CAMS restrictions for browsers on a Mac is to use Firefox with an add-on called "User Agent Switcher". This add-on allows Firefox to report itself to websites as if it was Internet Explorer.

The CAMS website will then allow you to access the site as usual,
although it is possible that some functions might not work with Firefox.

I have tested this setup with the latest version of Firefox on a Mac and have had no problems checking the status and acknowledging alarms
for our systems. I have not checked any other functions of the website.

You can download and install the User Agent Switcher add-on for Firefox from:

You will have to restart Firefox after installing it. Then, in the top menu bar, if you choose Tools, there will now be a "User Agent Switcher" sub-menu. From that sub-menu, you should now have a listing for "Internet Explorer 7 (Windows Vista)" in addition to "Default".

You can useĀ  Tools --> User Agent Switcher to switch between Firefox reporting itself as Firefox ("Default") or IE 7 running on Windows Vista.

Before accessing CAMS select "Internet Explorer 7" from the Tools --> User Agent Switcher menu.

Connect to the CAMS website as usual and log in.

After logging out, select "Default" from the Tools > User Agent Switcher menu to return to the default setting.